Pedal Power Your Notebook with Freeplay’s Freecharge Weza

Pedal Power Your Notebook with Freeplay’s Freecharge Weza


A step in the right direction, the foot-powered Freeplay Freecharge Weza portable energy source is the ideal way to keep your mobile device’s battery, and your waistline, healthier.

The idea is simple: pump the Weza’s pedal with your foot to get the generator spinning. Your stomping action provides enough wattage (up to 40watts) to charge an internal 12-volt battery. Ample charge to boost a car’s battery ,or keep your laptop running through any energy crisis. Brilliant.

Power outputs include 66” of jumper cable with negative and positive posts as well as a cigarette lighter output. A line of LEDs lets you know priming status at the touch of a button. Lazier souls will be relieved to know you can also charge Weza’s battery the old fashioned way, with an AC adapter.

The compact Weza weighs in at 20.5 lb and will be available next March to those with an extra $294.95 kicking around.