Motorola to go with new handset shapes, launch approach in 2006

Motorola to go with new handset shapes, launch approach in 2006


Motorola has big plans for 2006. For starters, it plans to continue its success with the highly popular Razr by coming out with even more exciting handset designs. It also plans to mimic Apple Computer when it comes to product launches. That is, it plans to veer away from its ‘announce now, ship later’ tactic to releasing new cell phones just a day after announcing them.

Motorola, clinching the No. 2 mobile phone manufacturer spot for 2005, indeed intends to stay at the top of rival mobile phone makers by releasing even more stylish designs. A mobile phone with a rotating cover, a handset with a sliding cover and a PDA that works as a phone and is equipped with a touch-sensitive display are just some of what’s in store from Motorola for us in 2006.

But don’t expect to hear all the details about these new phones soon. As mentioned, Motorola plans to change its product launch strategy. Starting 2006, the firm intends to ship out new cell phones immediately after they have been announced.

“There is no reason to tip your hand to your competitors… When the business was suffering it was helpful to create (a picture of) a future that seemed brighter. Now that we’re successful I don’t think we need to do that any longer,” says Motorola Cell Phone Division Head Ron Garriques.