World’s smallest MP3 player with color display

World’s smallest MP3 player with color display


Klegg Electronics has released the world’s smallest MP3 player with a color display. It measures 1.8 inches by 1.6 inches and is just 0.5 inches thick. The screen is 1-inch with 128×128 pixels and 4,096 colors. You can playback photos, voice record with all the controls you could want and listen to the FM tuner. It offers 26 hours of battery life in one charge and comes in four colors. The sacrifice that comes with size, of course, is that the memory tops out at just 512MB.

I don’t buy into the small-is-better trend. You say to me “my MP3 player is smaller than yours” and I say “well, mine is plenty small enough and has 60 times more memory and a screen I can actually see.” Maybe I am just not hip enough to get it.

If this is just what you need, you can get one now at an introductory price of $79.99.