The Gyration Gyrotransport is Gyr-rific

The Gyration Gyrotransport is Gyr-rific


I don’t like the word dongle, but a lot of products with dongles are really cool. Like this one; the Gyration Gyrotransport. It’s a slick little air mouse that you can even carry on a keychain. The dongle in question slides into your USB slot and contains both the software needed to run the mouse and 1GB of storage space. That means you can carry your presentation and click your way through it all in one compact little package. The dongle fits into the body of the mouse when it is not being used.

There are four buttons on the mouse and you can customize them with more than 80 actions. It has a range of 100 feet, runs on 2.4 GHz RF and just uses one AAA battery.

It will cost you $199 on its release date, but we don’t yet know when that day will come.