The Aurora m7700 by Alienware is a serious contender

The Aurora m7700 by Alienware is a serious contender


If you are a serious gamer on the go, then the new Aurora m7700 by Alienware may just be the answer to your dreams. It’s basically your high-performance desktop in a laptop package. It has a 17” widescreen LCD. You can choose from two AMD Athlon dual-core processors – the 32-bit 64 FX for gaming so real you are almost in it, or the 64-bit 64 X2 for running multiple programs at high speeds. It supports two hard drives and optional CD-RW/DVD or DVD R/W drives.

“Alienware’s new AMD-based Aurora m7700 dispels the belief that mobile systems cannot deliver the same experience as high performance desktops,” said Frank Azor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alienware’s Worldwide Product Group. “From the gamer looking to dominate the next LAN party to the executive requiring cutting-edge power both in and out of the office, the Aurora m7700 delivers the perfect high performance mobile solution for any individual.”

The highly-customizable machine can be had starting at $2,159. You can pre-order your own now with a $500 deposit.