Nortel to start another HSDPA 3G field trial

Nortel to start another HSDPA 3G field trial


Nortel has made an announcement today, and for once, it is good news for the company and its shareholders. Nortel has been chosen by Edge Wireless, LLC to expand its wireless voice and data network to four western states using Nortel’s GSM/GPRS/Edge technology.

More interestingly, the two companies will be starting UMTA and HSDPA 3G field trials this month. They will be aiming to demonstrate video streaming, FTP downloads and Web browsing at speeds up to 1.5 Mbps, which is similar to DSL.

The GSM/UMTS-based solutions that will be installed are easily upgraded to support HSDPA through a software installation.

“Our network expansion and UMTS/HSDPA trial are essential to ensuring our customers have the highest quality service and most advanced applications on the market today and into the future,” said Donnie Castleman, president and chief operating officer, Edge Wireless.

“Nortel is pleased to work with Edge Wireless as it evolves its network and prepares for the delivery of the additional advanced wireless broadband services, including UMTS/HSDPA, reliably and quickly,” said Peter MacKinnon, president, GSM/UMTS Networks, Nortel.