HP sets up new research lab in China

HP sets up new research lab in China


HP has made it known that it has set up a research laboratory in mainland China. The new R&D facility, called HP Labs China, will collaborate with both the public and private segments to successfully come up with future information management systems.

“HP has been in China for 20 years. This addition to HP Labs builds on long-established relationships and will strengthen the partnership between HP and China’s premier research universities and extensive research community. It also strengthens HP’s collaboration with the China Ministry of Education to grow China’s university research infrastructure”, says HP SVP of Research and HP Labs Director Dick Lampman.

The China research lab, building on the company’s strong points in large-scale information processing, heterogeneous systems management, and printing and imaging is embarking on a research program that brings together its strengths and some of China’s premier research institutions and major industrial customers. A segment of that program is to intensify collaborations with universities under the research it set up with the China Ministry of Education in 2005.

One of those collaborations makes use of an open source HP Labs technology to develop a large-scale virtual museum by collecting content from over 100 university museums throughout the country and putting in one huge, online database.

HP Labs China is the latest amongst HP’s research facilities. Other HP R&D labs are located in Bangalore, India; Bristol, U.K.; Haifa, Israel, and Tokyo, Japan.