Cingular subscribers to get wireless radio

Cingular subscribers to get wireless radio


Cingular and MobiTV are teaming up to bring you wireless radio. For just $6.99 a month plus a per kilobyte usage fee, subscribers to the cleverly named MobiRadio can listen to more than 40 channels of digital music, without commercials. The channels will be updated regularly. As you listen to the songs you will be able to see album art, song and artist information on your screen. Eventually you will also be able to immediately buy ringtones or other content associated with the songs.

“The mobile phone is a device that many people have with them all the time,” said Jim Ryan, vice president, consumer data services, Cingular Wireless. “Giving Cingular customers virtually anytime, anywhere access to their favorite music, without the need to carry an extra device, is the ultimate in convenience and surely a music lover’s dream. We are excited to begin our foray into wireless radio with MobiTV’s new service, MobiRadio, which gives our customers 44 channels of high quality music from which to choose.”

The two companies have already combined efforts to provide streaming television to subscribers.