Capcom to establish new mobile and interactive division

Capcom to establish new mobile and interactive division


Capcom has made it known that they plan to set up a new Mobile and Interactive Division in the great city of Los Angeles. The new division aims to release over 10 Capcom video game titles in North America. As such, by 2006, fans of Capcom video games such as 1942, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Street Fighter, Mega Man and Resident Evil will be able to play these games anywhere they want.

Capcom began delving into the mobile world in 1999 in Japan and this latest move is seen as part of Capcom’s efforts to make its presence more felt in the mobile entertainment industry.

“We are excited about this new endeavor and are looking forward to bringing our expertise to the mobile landscape… Our main objective is to establish Capcom’s new division and provide unique game play integration between wireless, online and console sectors. Our new facility in Los Angeles will house all of our mobile and interactive media offerings and we are looking to make our mark in the mobile entertainment industry”, says Capcom GM and SVP Midori Yuasa.

The new LA-based Mobile and Interactive division will be headed by Yuasa himself. He will be joined by Stuart Platt (formerly of THQ Wireless) who will act as studio and deployment director.