Teens reject e-mail in favor of IM

Teens reject e-mail in favor of IM


E-mail is so, like, last week. So say teens and young adults, according to a new study by America Online. Two-thirds of respondents between 13-21 use instant messaging more than e-mail. Last year the number was only 49%. Additionally, a third of the IM faction send text messages at least once a week. That’s up from 19% who used mobile instant messaging last year.

When the older people are added to the survey, 38 percent of those surveyed send more IM’s than e-mails. Nearly 6 in 10 send IM’s to communicate with colleagues at work.

One in 5 said they use, or would like to use, their IM service to make voice calls to other computers, landlines and mobile phones. Another 12 percent would happily give up their house phone for an IM-based phone.