Google giving away Wi-Fi service

Google giving away Wi-Fi service


Google is taking over the world, but at least they are being generous along the way. The company is headquartered in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View. If the city council approves the offer on Tuesday, then Google will provide free wireless Wi-Fi service to the entire city of 70,000 people. Not surprisingly, people representing both the town and the company are confident of the acceptance of the offer.

“Providing free Wi-Fi access in Mountain View is one way Google can support the citizens and businesses in the community where we are headquartered,” Said Google spokesman Chris Sacca. Under the deal basic service is free, but Google reserves the right to charge for premium services.

As part of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s attempts to offer affordable wireless service in all of San Francisco, Google has made the same offer to that city. No decision has been made on that offer yet, as many companies have made different offers.

Sacca denied that Google has plans to offer this free service outside of the Bay Area, though they are more than welcome to come to my hometown.