Matrox Dualhead2Go widens your desktop

Matrox Dualhead2Go widens your desktop


Graphics solutions major, Matrox has come out with a multi-monitor support system called DualHead2Go which you can add to a compatible laptop or a graphics-based PC. DualHead2Go promises to give you as many as three display outputs (one from your main system and two external) when it is connected to the external VGA output of the system. The desktop resolution that this external box is claiming to attain to is on the higher side — a dimension of 2560×1024, to be precise.

The company is projecting this device as the world’s first external upgrade system in terms of display output and calling it revolutionary. Dan Wood, Vice President at Matrox commented on the practical utility of DualHead2Go in a press release, “An increasing number of professionals are using laptops as their main computer, but they still want the advantages of a multi-display workstation while at the office. DualHead2Go is a breakthrough product that solves this need by creating a cost-effective, space-saving, multi-display docking station for a laptop. Since DualHead2Go is an external upgrade, it’s also ideal for adding an extra display to a closed, already validated, mission-critical system or to computers with no available expansion slots.”

DualHead2Go is based upon a patent-pending technology of Matrox and is also littered with a key feature of enhancing the capabilities of the system’s existing GPU to speed up 2D, 3D and video rendering functions. Available in mid-November 2005, DualHead2Go – Dual Analog Edition, has a suggested retail price of $169USD. This makes me believe there are plans for a DVI version down the road.

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