Iomega Micro Mini external HD is really mini

Iomega Micro Mini external HD is really mini


I am fascinated by product names. Some are really terrible. Some are very creative. Some, like this one, are just plain accurate. The new external hard drive by Iomega, the Micro Mini, is both micro and mini. It comes in 4GB and 8GB sizes, but it weighs less than 1.75 ounces and is smaller than a credit card. Seriously.

This tiny wonder is protected by drop shock technology, so it will survive a fall. It has a fold-away USB connector, so you don’t need to carry a separate cord. The drive runs at 4200 RPM. It draws power from the USB connection.

“The new Iomega Micro Mini Hard Drive delivers on the promise of higher capacity and convenient portable storage,” said Brian Still, Manager of Product and Channel Marketing, Iomega Corporation. “The new Micro Mini Hard Drive is smaller than other external hard drives, provides more capability and a better price per gigabyte than Flash memory devices, and it comes with an excellent software collection for easy backup and disaster recovery.”

The price isn’t as small as the drive, but it is still quite reasonable. The 4GB drive is $129.95 and the 8GB goes for $169.95.