iDoom for iPod Nano: Silent, But Deadly Cool

iDoom for iPod Nano: Silent, But Deadly Cool


Tired of parachutes, brick and solitaire? Two Swedes have the answer. They have successfully ported Doom to the iPod family and are proud to announce the arrival of the iPod Nano version in all its full-colour gory.

iDoom 1.1 is the classic FPS you downloaded eons ago, ported to the Nano from the John Carmac’s original source code. Better than earlier versions, one drawback remains: no sound. But who cares, you’ve got your entire iPod library to choose your soundtrack from. Gameplay is loyal to the original, complete with status HUD and features configurable controls.

Add to that Nano’s scratchy screen and you’ve got yourself one heck of a frightening doom experience.

A word of warning though, installing iDoom on your iPod Nano will void your warrantee. Of course you could always reformat, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Downloads are free at the iDoom site but you will need ipodlinux which also happens to free.