Epson’s new chip can whisper sweet nothings in 5 languages

Epson’s new chip can whisper sweet nothings in 5 languages


Epson has unveiled a new chip that can read and speak in five languages. That’s pretty cool. The S1V30100 is a multi-lingual text-to-speech (TTS) chip. That means it can read text and speak it in U.S. English (as opposed to that junk that passes for English in Britain or Canada), French, German, Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish. More languages, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese, are under development.

Sure, this chip would be great for meeting ladies while on the road, but the uses are much wider than that. It can be used in devices for speech or visually impaired users, educational toys, navigational systems, or if you are too lazy (or busy, I guess) to read your own e-mails or reports.

The chip sports an on-chip mono A/D converter and stereo D/A converter, MP3 and AAC decoding and non-volatile storage area for user dictionaries and storage of frequently-used text/data files and/or recorded speech data.

For consumers, it will be a while until we see devices using this chip, though it sounds like it could be worth the wait.