Toshiba can now provide internet access worldwide

Toshiba can now provide internet access worldwide


Toshiba’s MyConnect Internet access service just got better. Now users can connect to the service from 54,000 locations and dial-up numbers in 110 countries outside of the U.S. through the new International Access Program.

Toshiba has aggregated more than 250 internet services for this program, including more than 40 international Wi-Fi services, as well as hotel Ethernet, analog, ISDN and PIAFS dial-up numbers.

In order to access the international service, customers must first subscribe to the U.S. service, which goes for as little as $19.95 for 30 hours a month. On top of the subscription, the international service costs $12.95 for each block of 3 hours of use or $39.95 for unlimited access. Not a bad deal if you are a global roamer.

“Previously offered to enterprises only, the MyConnect International Access Program is designed to meet the needs of individual business travelers who travel internationally,” said Raja Narayanan, vice president of mobility solutions for Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems. “The Pay-for-Use nature of the program eliminates the excessive charges typical in the Internet connectivity industry for occasional mobile Internet access, which helps subscribers minimize their expenses, making it attractive to less frequent international business and consumer travelers as well.”