Samsung producing a whole lot of oneNAND Flash memory

Samsung producing a whole lot of oneNAND Flash memory


Samsung is producing 86% more oneNAND Flash fusion memory than they were just four months ago. That brings their production up to 3 million units per month, or about 2.9 billion megabits. That should be enough room for my MP3 collection.

“OneNAND is the fastest growing product line of any device in the Samsung memory portfolio. It has met with an extremely positive reception by offering sharply higher performance and significantly lower overall cost than other memory solutions,” said Don Barnetson, associate director, Flash marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

The chips are now used in production handsets by the top five wireless manufacturers. Though designed for handsets, it is now being adapted into all sorts of applications. It’s the first fusion memory chip, a device that features a single-level-cell NAND core with SRAM and logic elements to emulate a NOR Flash interface.

OneNAND provides a sustained data “read” speed of 108 MByte/s, four times faster than conventional NAND Flash memory, and a “write” speed of 10 MByte/s, more than 60 times faster than multi-level-cell NOR Flash memory. OneNAND can store up to 250 sequential photographs from a five-megapixel camera phone without any click-to-click delay between images.