Panasonic Plasma records movies to SD

Panasonic Plasma records movies to SD


Panasonic has great products, but terrible names. Their newest plasma HDTV is called the VIERA TH-65PV500. Catchy, isn’t it? Thankfully it far exceeds its name. This beast is a 65-inch wonder. It is HD ready to make your programming come to life. It’s bigger than most windows and the picture is more real than what you see out your window, too.

There is a very interesting feature on this model. It can record TV directly onto an SD or PCMCIA card in the MPEG4 format. You can then replay the recordings on the TV itself, or on any portable video players that supports the format. That means you can watch Lost in vivid color one night, and then catch it again on the bus on the way to work the next morning.

How’s the color, you ask? Well, it offers 8.6 billion reproducible colors and 2,048 greyscales, so pretty good. It supports 720p and 1080i signal formats.

Another nifty feature is the optional touch-screen frame. When added, the frame uses infrared tracking of movements to turn the TH-65PV500 into one giant touch-screen.

The TV is available in Europe now, with a price tag of around $12,000.