Drinknation – for when you need a new drink

Drinknation – for when you need a new drink


Just because you are on the go doesn’t mean you don’t need a recipe for a cocktail. Or 6,000. Drinknation will help you out. It’s a new mobile application which allows you to access 6,000 mixed drink recipes right off your phone. Available from most of the U.S. carriers and several international ones, with more being added as the word gets around.

You can browse recipes by name, theme, ingredient or category. You can find out what is popular with all the cool kids. It even offers drinking games you can play. What’s fun about Drinknation is that the content is constantly updated with new recipes,” said Dr. Nimish Shrivastava, president and CEO of eMbience, the creator of the application. “In addition to new drinks each week, subscribers can also find recently-added seasonal cocktail ideas for unexpected ways to wow friends and family.” New features will be added including a directory of happy hours, where to find taxis in major cities, new games, and a “little black book” to keep track of the girls who are impressed by your incredibly geeky obsession with drinks.

I guess it is important to note that this may be a good idea for mobile phones, but not so good for car phones.