Adults are getting more comfortable with new technology

Adults are getting more comfortable with new technology


Everyone is an early adapter these days. Well, not quite, but adults are definitely getting more comfortable with new technology, according to a new study by Harris Interactive. Nearly 3 in 10 people said that they have become more accepting of the latest gadgets and computers over the last year. Two thirds of people said that their attitudes hadn’t changed, but it is the 28% who said that they were more ready to try something new, this must have gotten manufacturers smiling. Only 4% of respondents said they were more skeptical about technology.

Joe Porus, chief architect of the technology research practice at Harris, attributes this change to the high quality of products which companies are producing. There is a downside to that for manufacturers, though, he warns. If people see all products as being of high quality, then manufacturers will have to compete even more on price, killing profit margins.

The online study was done in September and included 1,174 adults.