Yahoo! and TIVO together at last

Yahoo! and TIVO together at last


Yahoo! and DVR originator TIVO have announced big plans to allow Tivo subscribers to use parts of Yahoo’s services to send content directly to their DVRs. Programming a Tivo Series2 DVR to record programs through Yahoo TV should be available sometime today.

In the coming months, Tivo and Yahoo will allows Yahoo services, including photos, traffic, and weather available as part of the Tivo service.

“Working with Yahoo! is another way for us to deliver the best way to watch television and give viewers control of the television experience,” said Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo Inc. “Beginning today, we’re giving Yahoo! users — whether they’re at the office or away from home — the ability to easily schedule recordings for later viewing.”

In the initial part of this plan, Yahoo TV users can request, via Tivo’s scheduling technology, recordings of their favorite TV shows on their Tivo Series2 devices from anywhere they access Yahoo TV. Tivo subscribers will need a Yahoo login.