Spark Technology’s CellStik enables cell phone data backups

Spark Technology’s CellStik enables cell phone data backups


For those of us out there who aren’t as technically-inclined, or more likely, those of us out there with cell phones that aren’t Bluetooth compatible. Spark Technology has come up with the CellStik, it provides a simple solution for cell phone address book backups. Mind you, a lot of people don’t bother backing up their cell phone’s information onto their PCs, and those of who do, either use Bluetooth or a data cable.

What the CellStik offers is a simpler, more straight forward means for backing up your phone books. The peripheral looks like a USB flash drive, except the other end has a connector for your favourite LG or Samsung phone (a Motorola version is also in the works). Spark Technology markets the device as perfect for moving all your contacts from your old phone to your new phone, but the way it is designed right now, your new phone would have to be of the same manufacturer. In other words, buy a new LG to replace your old LG, as each CellStik only comes with a connector for one brand of cell phone.

At $39.99, it’s not exactly a bargain, but it does serve its purpose, a universal adapter should be considered in future versions.