Good Technology provides more control of security

Good Technology provides more control of security


As more people begin to use handheld devices for work and travel a lot more often, security becomes a big concern for companies. Good Technology, makers of mobile e-mail software, will release Good Mobile Defense, an optional add-on to the GoodLink wireless messaging software, in January. The software will let IT departments tightly control security regardless of where the device is.

The software will likely be provided through carriers for a monthly fee of $5 to $7. It will allow companies to change settings or enact policies without needing to have physical access to the devices. There are five areas in which the software can set policies. It can set and reset passwords and force employees to use effective password habits. It can block the use of applications on the device such as cameras, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It can limit the programs which can be downloaded and run. It can determine what kinds of data must be encrypted. Finally, it can set thresholds for things like failed password attempts which will trigger the erasing of all data.

For companies that are concerned about security, or IT directors with a Big Brother complex, this new software will be a welcome addition to their device management program.