The ThinkPads are coming, The ThinkPads are coming

The ThinkPads are coming, The ThinkPads are coming


ThinkPads are coming back to retail shelves for the first time since 1999. IBM pulled the laptops when they moved to a direct-sales model. Lenovo Group, the Chinese company which is now the world’s third biggest computer maker, bought IBM’s personal computer business for $1.25 billion this spring. This is the first major change in focus for the new company, but we can expect more.

Two models will be released in a non-exclusive partnership with Office Depot. The ThinkPad Z60t will sport a 15 inch widescreen. The ThinkPad T43 features a biometric fingerprint reader. Both models will feature Pentium M processors and 802.11 and EV-DO capabilities. They use a magnesium alloy frame to protect the machines from shock.

Both laptops will be available at Office Depot starting Sunday. Prices begin at just $799 for the Z60t, which is a significant cut from the online prices, and the T43 will start at $1,399. Look for these and other models to be offered at other major retailers soon.