Disney to target kids mobile services in Europe

Disney to target kids mobile services in Europe


Continuing Disney’s recent trend, which includes two separate MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) deals in the US, a repeat move is expected in Europe in the next couple of weeks.

Leaks to the UK Times and the French Les Echos point to Disney launching a phone service for children using prepaid cards, in the UK and France at least.

Word seems to sneak out when Disney began not so mysteriously recruiting people in France. And if the media is not enough, it is understood to be aiming to become a leading mobile operator in Europe – with sales the way they are, can you really blame them? Disney has already been selling ringtones and other material from two mobile websites in both France and the UK at Disneymobile.fr and Disneymobile.co.uk.

In the US Disney has piggybacked on Sprint’s network with a Disney service announced in the Summer, with a sports version in the works. Disney (including Mickey) have remained silent about these proposed European services at present.