Sneaky Sony Music to distribute software patch

Sneaky Sony Music to distribute software patch


Just when Sony thought it designed a technology to halt music piracy – along came Mark Russinovich. A Windows expert, Russinovich posted a Web log report on how he found hidden files on his PC after playing a CD. After a firestorm of criticism which ensued, Sony Corp.’s music division said Wednesday it is distributing a free software patch to reveal hidden files that automatically installed to hard drives when some of its music CDs were played on personal computers.

Disgruntled customers can request the program to safely uninstall everything by visiting the Sony BMG Web site at but not before filling out and submitting an online form via their FAQ and finding the link in question #11.

“What we decided to do is take extra precautionary steps to allay any fears,” said CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith, of First 4 Internet who is partners with Sony BMG Music Entertainment. “There should be no concern here.”

The copy protection technology that was included on about 20 Sony titles, limits the number of times a CD can be copied.