Nokia gets S60 open-source web browser

Nokia gets S60 open-source web browser


Many mobile phone surfers are limited to certain web sites that are specifically designed as “cell phone-friendly”. With the latest Nokia and Siemens smart phone, you can utilize a Safari-based web browser that takes advantage of advances in higher speed data networks. No longer are you restricted to websites optimized for mobile phones, designed for the handsets’ small screens.

The growing popularity of smart phones has demonstrated an increasing need among consumers: more data, more pictures, more content. “Nokia studies of S60 smartphone users show two clear trends: browsing is generating over 60% of data traffic, and the improved network performance of WCDMA/3G more than doubles the browser usage compared to GPRS/EDGE, offering increased revenue potential for operators,” said Heikki Heinaro, Vice President, S60 Applications, Nokia Technology Platforms.

Best of all, this new Apple-based browser is open source and available for all mobile phones that operate on Nokia’s S60 platform. It will display websites on these smart phones just as they would appear on your desktop computer, you then select an area to zoom on, and that part of the web site becomes visible in your browser.

Further to this trend, on Wednesday, Nokia launched a portal,, to serve as a source of information for all of its open-source projects. This portal is designed for the free sharing and development of open-source mobile applications.