Mesh Networks growing fast

Mesh Networks growing fast


Efforts have been set afoot in the US to make wireless networks more efficient in terms of its practical application at different levels — both at the micro level like corporate headquarters and educational institutions, and the macro level, like seamless coverage of an entire city. And for this, companies big and small are forging alliances. One such initiative could be seen in the joining of hands by tech giant Motorola and smaller firms like Firetide, Tropos Networks, BelAir Networks, and Strix Systems which are collectively trying to come out with a more efficient wireless broadband network system. Their collective effort to fully develop a new technology has been named ‘Mesh.’

The mesh technology on which work is going on intensely will facilitate a user to access the internet even when he is far off from an internet-access point and does not even have a connectivity device of his own. All the user would require is to get their hands on any internet connectivity device available in that zone, and send the internet request back to the central connection. This will help him in accessing the net in a matter of minutes or even less than that.

Mesh’s practical applicability has already begun in Santa Clara, California, this is where SkyPilot Networks is using the technology to provide internet connectivity to both residential broadband customers and city workers. Even laptop manufacturers and software developers are looking favorably at Mesh considering it as a technology that will be more extensively used in the future. Recently a company named PacketHop released a software application called TrueMesh, it allows Windows XP laptops the ability to route wireless data. The race for making Mesh more practicable in the future seems to have picked up momentum.