Gartner predicts PDA sales to sky rocket this year

Gartner predicts PDA sales to sky rocket this year


Like mobile handsets, the global sales figure of handheld computing devices popularly known as PDAs also seems to be on a record breaking spree in the current financial year. According to a report by Gartner, the shipment of PDAs in Q3, 2005 has registered a staggering growth of nearly 21 percent over the corresponding period last year. The total shipment figure in the given period stood at a commendable 3.45 million units. On the basis of this trend, Gartner has projected a record sale of nearly 15 million units of PDAs this year which will far exceed the best ever PDA shipments figure of 13.2 million units registered in 2001.

Todd Kort, a Principal Analyst with Gartner explains the upshot in PDA sales, “The rapid spread of wireless e-mail and use of GPS-enabled PDAs, which offer most of the functionality of dedicated car navigation systems at a fraction of the cost, is propelling the PDA market to record growth.”

Going by the geographic break-up, Europe along with North America have turned out to be the major driving markets in giving a boost to PDA sales this year. According to Gartner, figures for Q3, 2005, the Western European PDA market grew 53.4 percent with a sales figure of 1.2 millions. On a cumulative basis, the entire European market accounted for 70 percent in the growth of global sales volume of PDAs. In the demand for PDAs in the given period, European market stood a close second to the American market where 1.4 million units were sold.