3G will dominate WiMax by 2010

3G will dominate WiMax by 2010


Fans of WiMax got some good news and some bad news from a new report released by Northern Sky Research today. The good news is that WiMax will grow quickly in the next few years. The bad news is that it will be dominated by 3G cellular data service.

The first deployments of fully certified WiMax will be seen in 2006. The 802.16e standard will also become much more developed. There will be 500,000 users signed up for WiMax service by the end of the year, according to the study.

All the new technology and growth won’t be enough to beat 3G, though. “With over 1.2 billion 3G subscribers projected by 2010, it is clear that 3G will be the leading broadband wireless technology over the next five years in this increasingly competitive market,” Christopher Baugh, president of Northern Sky Research, said in a statement. “3G currently has a 3-year time to market advantage over mobile WiMAX and will likely reinforce its lead with the emergence of new 3G technologies.”