The first 3G single core modem is here

The first 3G single core modem is here


Freescale Semiconductor has fired the next shot in the modem processor battle, and it’s a big one. The 3G single core modem processor is the only single core modem for third generation wireless phones. Also unique to this product is the comprehensive UMTS platform, which combines a baseband and applications processor with RF, power amplifier and power management.

What all that means is that any device – an MP3 player, portable DVD player or digital phone – can quickly and inexpensively be designed to include full smart phone capabilities. Development time, costs and risks for new products are greatly decreased with this platform. The whole architecture is just the size of a postage stamp, so innovation in design and packaging is virtually unhampered.

“Freescale is pulling ahead in the race to deliver comprehensive 3G solutions that remove barriers and reduce the risk for handset manufacturers,” says Franz Fink, senior vice president of Freescale, rather modestly. “The MXC300-30 platform illustrates our architectural approach to reducing handset design costs while increasing design freedom. Imagine slim and sleek 3G handsets like the 2.5G handsets of today, at the same affordable price.”