LG Jumps in US Flash USB Market

LG Jumps in US Flash USB Market


South Korean electronics giant LG has finally moved into the US flash RAM and USB market with a new line of products. LG claims that their portable storage offerings will represent a basket comprising different categories and capacities and suit to the interests of a diverse range of users.

The most attractive device which it is making available to US consumers is the flash RAM/USB drive, its Platinum finish for high-tech execs comes in ranges of 64 MB to 1GB. It boasts a reading speed of 8MB per second, a writing speed of 7MB and only weighs 12 grams, it is one of the smallest drives in the market today.

LG has also introduced a new flash RAM USB drive with a retractable port feature, it will perfectly suit the needs of a business traveler or anybody who is on the move. This retractable port drive is offering a much enhanced capacity than the platinum — from 64MB to 2GB.

Another product on the table is the RAM U.P.3 player, this is a combination of a USB drive and MP3 player in one, isn’t that what most MP3 players are anyway? LG also plans to offer Micro SD cards, these are among the smallest flash memory cards available and offer storage capacities ranging from 32MB to 256MB. All in all, while making its moves in the intensely competitive US flash RAM/USB market, the Korean company seems to have left no stone unturned in ensuring that its diverse range of RAM products get enough attention from different categories of consumers.