The new Acer PocketPC is tiny

The new Acer PocketPC is tiny


Acer has a new PocketPC series and it is tiny. The new n300 is about the same thickness as your iPod Nano, but is packed with loads of features. The 3.7-inch VGA screen takes up most of the front of the unit. It runs on Windows Mobile 5.0, features WiFi, a 400MHz processor, 64 MB Ram, 128 MB of flash ROM, SDIO/MMC expansion slot and USB Host Support.

Of course, in order to be so small, it has to sacrifice some features which will disappoint you all-in-one freaks. There is no camera, no cellphone and no built in keyboard. But it is fast and you can carry it in your shirt pocket with tons of room to spare. You can’t have everything, but sometimes you don’t need it.

There is no news on when we will see this device on the market or what it will cost us, but given Acer’s track record for getting flashy new ideas on the shelves it could be a while.