Samsung iDrive A2DP seamless vehicle mobile phone integration

Samsung iDrive A2DP seamless vehicle mobile phone integration


Samsung is continuing to dominate the mobile phone market with the most innovative integrations for mobile phones. Their latest 3GB SGH-i300 creation will be integrated into BMW 5 series vehicles for a seamless in-car music experience.

The Bang and Olufson (B&O) audio system in the vehicle features an iDrive engaged SGH-i300 mobile phone, the phone has a cradle on the arm rest in between the driver and passenger seats, from there it links to the B&O system and uses A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology to enable music listening, control, and handsfree calling within the vehicle. This was first test this past summer with the Audio announcement of their SGH-d600, not many details were revealed, but we now know it is the A2DP technology that makes it all possible.

While cruising on the interstate, iDrive will let you switch songs, check music titles, song information, adjust volume and answer incoming calls from the SGHi-300 and SGH-d600 via the steering wheel column. The “Super Music Phone” makes for a safe, efficient system for in-car use.