Nokia finds another way for stores to advertise

Nokia finds another way for stores to advertise


You’ve probably been worried that stores haven’t been able to advertise to you and offer you promotions nearly enough. Well, Nokia is about to help you out. The company has announced their new Bluetooth-based end-to-end solution for distributing digital content to customers’ phones, which they call CoolZone. I would call it NightmareZone. Starting in the first quarter of 2006, stores will be able to offer content to their customers on a localized basis when they walk into the store.

The service can be customized to the brand of any retailer. They can offer either promotional or paid content, including games, video, music or wallpaper to their customers. The service is easily customizable for retailers, so consumers can enjoy (or be bombarded by, depending on your viewpoint) a different experience each time they visit the store.

Though the service is currently only Bluetooth-based, WLAN capability is expected in the near future as more phones are WLAN enabled. The service is delivered by a small multiradio service point installed in each store.