LG Reveals First Laptop with Integrated EV-DO

LG Reveals First Laptop with Integrated EV-DO


LG Electronics along with KTF and Intel, have developed the X Note Express LW20-EV series laptop computer. This new notebook is the first to integrate a cell phone network connectivity without any external peripheral cards.

Any notebook available on the market requires an external modem, and has around a maximum of 144Kbps data transmission speeds and the antenna is also shown externally. The LW20-EV series has a built-in EV-DO (Evolution Data Only) receiver, which is capable of the fastest wireless data transmission rates, 2.4Mbps, from KTF service. It also has a built-in antenna that creates more of an integrated design and is also much easier to carry around when compared to large external antennas of existing cellular network modem cards.

Although not many specifications are available on the laptop, it does utilize the Sonoma platform from Intel, which offers the most efficient power savings for a portable computer. EV-DO is not the only option, if you are within range of a Wireless LAN, the LW20-EV can connect with it’s high-speed 802.11g interface.

KTF is saying the service will be stable even on high-speed trains and moving vehicles, a great solution for business commuters. If needed, the LW20-EV series can also be attached to a terrestrial DMB receiver.

LG plans to release the portable computer worldwide, no date is set on its release.