Sprint tries for $2.50 Music Downloads via Mobile Phones

Sprint tries for $2.50 Music Downloads via Mobile Phones


If all goes according to plan, Sprint Nextel will announce the launch of a high-speed wireless network with the first Over-the-Air music service on the continent on Monday, according to the Associated Press. The service will be called Sprint Power Vision. And according to the new website for the service, which is already available, the service will offer live TV, music downloads, multiplayer games and more.

The phones include a Sprint Music Store feature where tunes can be purchased and downloaded for $2.50 each. That price seems high when compared to other music services, so it remains to be seen how Sprint will position their offering to present value.

Sprint Nextel may have felt forced to enter the high-speed network segment with a splash because they have been criticized for falling behind their competitors, notably Verizon and Cingular.

Are consumers ready to pay $2.50 simply for the convenience of being able to instantly purchase, download and listen to a song from their mobile phone? Or can they wait and load it at home and save over half the cost.