WiFi Available Everywhere in Atlanta Airport

WiFi Available Everywhere in Atlanta Airport


These days WiFi is everywhere. You expect it and don’t mind paying for it as long as the cost is reasonable. The savvy authorities at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport know this, that’s why they’ve upped the ante and made their entire airport WiFi accessible, 5.8 million square feet to be precise.

For $7.95 per day, or $38 a month, for frequent fliers can get connected from the comfort of your lounge chair or sitting inside your airplane waiting on the tarmac for the skies to clear.

We think this accessibility will really come in handy for those times when you are stuck. You know when your flight is delayed or the plane needs repairing, what better way to fill up those long boring hours than by catching up on work, reading news, emailing friends or whatever, its up to you.

Keep your eye on this one. Stiff competition may one day lead to free connectivity for prestige airline club members.