VoIPaudit: a new VoIP Risk-Assessment Tool by VoIPshield Systems

VoIPaudit: a new VoIP Risk-Assessment Tool by VoIPshield Systems


VoIPaudit, a new security solution developed by VoIPshield Systems Inc. for use with VoIP networks, allows enterprises and service providers to respond and deal with threats before they become a security problem.

Based on a continuously updated threats database, VolPaudit can be set to scan continuously for attacks. It provides support for a wide range of VoIP protocols, including session initiation protocol (SIP), International Telecommunication Union (ITU) H.323, Cisco Skinny, Nortel Unistim, and other proprietary protocols. VoIPaudit also supports wireless VoIP services, IMS, and dual mode mobile phones.

VoIPaudits straightforward interface means producing a vulnerability analysis or a quick security report is easy and fast.

“Ours is the first security solution which can not only address the complexity of voice deployments, but secure the VoIP network at the systems level,” Dr.C.Paul Slaby, co-founder and CEO of VoIPshield Systems. “VoIPaudit is designed to meet the unique requirements of enterprises and service providers deploying VoIP. Voice communications are critical and VoIPaudit offers an unprecedented level of intelligence and security assessment for all the equipment and devices in the VoIP network.”

The system costs $10,000, which includes training and support, and of course peace of mind that your company is completely secure.