Is your iPod ready for Halloween?

Is your iPod ready for Halloween?


If you have ever doubted that some people have too much time on their hands, then all the proof you could ever need is here. Joanne Villalobos and Rob King have launched iAttire, a website where you can buy a Halloween costume for your iPod. Seriously. Who doesn’t need that?

There are seven costumes to choose from (Ghost, Pirate, Witch, Frankenstein, Clown, Mummy and of course the Vampire), they come in three sizes, so there is one just right for you. Sure, you could make your own iPod a ghost costume with a Kleenex, but it wouldn’t glow in the dark like the one iAttire has for you. Plus, theirs comes with a tombstone for extra ghoulishness. All this for only $39.99. What a bargain.

“I’m really coming at it from being a fanatic,” Villalobos said. “I love my iPod. It’s a tribute to how wonderful these products are.”

Apparently she isn’t the only one who is fanatical. She won’t divulge sales figures, but 8,000 to 10,000 people visited the site on its first day alone.

Halloween will soon have passed us by, but don’t worry there is still more to come from this dynamic design duo. Post-Halloween they will debut as many as 12 new outfits, including a cowboy and a hula girl.

It is Halloween season, so I guess it’s okay that I find all of this scary. Stay tuned for SantaPods and maybe even the full reindeer crew to.