Burton Audex Jacket is too cool for snow school

Burton Audex Jacket is too cool for snow school


Burton is jumping full gear in to the techno clothing bandwagon, their new Burton Audex Jacket has plenty of room for all the toys on the table.

Like all of these cool coats, the Audex features iPod pockets, detachable hood speakers, and a detachable control panel on the left sleeve for switching tunes, yawn, but wait there’s more. Burton has also tossed in support for Bluetooth and a mic for your phone.

So, you don’t need to loose touch with your loved ones this winter after all. Whether riding the lift or skiing the powder it’s easy to switch between iTunes or calling your friends, giving them the lowdown on what they’re missing out on the slopes.

Due out in November, the Audex will sell for $600 US. Sell your old passé techno Jacket and reinvest in the Audex.