$5,200 for a Vertu Ascent Special Edition phone?

$5,200 for a Vertu Ascent Special Edition phone?


Should a cell phone really cost $5,200? Vertu seems to think so. Their Ascent White Special Edition hits the market at that price point later this year in Asia. What makes it worth that much? We’re still not sure.

It does have some things going for it. It looks really good – sleek and smooth. The sapphire crystal screen won’t scratch unless you etch it with your diamond bling-bling. It is made of a Liquidmetal alloy which was made just for Vertu and is stronger than titanium. It comes with a hand-stitched leather holster. It has a button on it which connects you directly to the exclusive Vertu concierge service. It’s shock-mounted, so it won’t get hurt when you accidentally drop it from your ivory tower. There is a jeweled ruby bearing behind each key so it sounds better and feels smoother than any button you have ever pushed. The battery is decent, though not up to the high standards of the rest of the phone (3 to 6 hours of talk, 4.5 days of standby).

Now the other side. First, who needs to spend $5,200 on a phone? Besides that, it is decidedly short of accessories. It is lacking a camera, MP3 player, radio, 3D gaming chip or anything else you might expect for this kind of money. It also weighs 173 grams, so you’ll have to hit the gym just to lift it.

I’d be afraid of losing this thing every second I had it. I sure won’t buy one, but it’s not like I could anyway.