Sonnet unveils better batteries for iPod

Sonnet unveils better batteries for iPod


Everybody wants their iPod to last longer on a single charge. Well, you spoke and Sonnet has listened. You may know Sonnet as the guys who will help you jack up any of your Apple products. Need a faster CPU or Firewire support? They have you covered. Well now, they have tackled battery life by unveiling a replacement battery for the iPod that will keep your beats pumpin longer. How much longer? 78% they claim, which sounds impressive. They promise more than 20 hours of use on a single charge.

You won’t even have to get a second mortgage to get a second battery. For first or second generation iPods your new battery will cost you $40, and $30 for all the other gens. That’s all it will cost you , too, because they provide you with instructions so you can install it yourself.

This power boost will be available in November, just in time to replace that lump of coal in someone’s stocking.