Nortel and Websense to Secure Mobile Devices

Nortel and Websense to Secure Mobile Devices


Are you worried that confidential files on your wireless phone may be susceptible to vicious viral attacks. A survey put out by the security software maker Symantec Corp., found that 70% of respondents were concerned that hackers could steal or corrupt information on their wireless handsets.

Nortel Networks Inc. and Internet security specialist Websense Inc. are partnering to develop a Web content filtering application designed specifically for wireless devices. This is expected to protect you and your personal information on your mobile devices.

The filtering tool will scan internet urls for potentially damaging content such as viruses, worms and spam. Users will be able to set the preferences of the tool to bar unwanted content. In effect they will be able to tailored for individual own use.

Recently the cabir and skulls viruses attacked handsets running on Symbian operating system software. Users were prompted to download files that looked as if they had come from a friend. After the users downloaded and launched it, the files corrupted the phones software.

Both viruses contained code designed to forward attacks onto other phones. It is believed that as more and more people start using wireless handsets, not only for its traditional use but for web browsing, e-mail and instant messaging, such malicious attacks will continue, evolve and escalate.

Nortel, Brampton, Canada and San Diego-based Websense Inc., are developing applications for wireless carriers to automatically block various types of malicious content from ever reaching the devices of their customers. The application will combine Websense’s URL filtering technology with Nortel’s GSM wireless packet security software, it will support wireless protocols and standards including WML and WAP, along with HTML and HTTP.

“Combined with a number of worldwide initiatives by wireless providers to block the delivery of pornographic content, [mobile Web filters] are all the more timely and relevant.”