Nintendo DS to offer handwriting abilities

Nintendo DS to offer handwriting abilities


In a deal to be announced this week between Nintendo and Zi Corporation, Nintendo plans to bring Decuma handwriting technology to its DS mobile gaming platform.

The decuma handwriting system supports Chinese, both simplified and traditional, Japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji alphabets apart from English, which enables DS game developers to integrate handwriting recognition into their games in all these languages.

This new technology deal is very important in the sense that it will open doors for game developers. No actual products have been announced as of yet for use with the system.

According to Milos Djokovic, CTO, Zi Corporation, “As the leading provider of handheld video game systems in the world, Nintendo has a reputation for adopting innovative technologies that improve the user’s experience with its products. With Decuma, Nintendo DS users will experience natural handwriting recognition previously only available to PDA and smartphone users. Zi continues to bring its multi-modal input products to leading mobile phones, gaming platforms and smartphones across the globe.”

The most obvious use of the handwriting recognition technology for the Nintendo DS is in its “Brain training” series of software products, which provide a range of logic and intelligence, based trials and have proved very popular in Japan since their launch last summer.