Motorola Razr gets all the credit

Motorola Razr gets all the credit


Cell phone sales in the US exploded in the last quarter and are up thirty percent from last year. Motorola is leading the pack. Three of the company’s cell phones were among the five best selling models. Motorola’s ultra thin ultra chic Razr was the clear winner.

The Razr, released in July, originally for the high-end cell phone market surprised the company when it proved to have wider appeal. This half-inch thick, aluminum, flip top cell phone gives new meaning to the term, “razor thin”. It has all the functions you would expect from a phone, Bluetooth, web browsing, email, downloadable ring tones, camera phone as well as traditional uses.

Motorola is hoping to equip a future edition of the Razr with the ability to play music downloadable from the popular itunes music store owned by Apple.

Motorola cell phones are responsible for 30 percent of the 31.6 million cell phones sold in the third quarter of 2005 says Neil Strother, NPD research director. New subscribers are purchasing very few phones; the jump in sales is due to people replacing their old models with hipper ones that provide more functionality.

Motorola’s Razr is getting most of the credit. The company said the Razr helped boost its profit of $1.75 billion in revenue to $9.42 billion for the July-September period.

LG Electronics, Nokia and Samsung are dominating the number two positions, each with sixteen percent of the market share.