Motorola, Intel Team Up to Develop WiMax

Motorola, Intel Team Up to Develop WiMax


Motorola and Intel have teamed up to accelerate the development and growth of WiMax, the next generation wireless technology which promises high data rates and a long transmission reach (20 miles as opposed to 50 feet for the 802.11 standard). The companies have already been working together on the development of the 802.16e standard, so this isn’t new ground for them. What is new though, is that they will be working together and sharing testing and design information so that their new products are interoperable.

This doesn’t mean that Motorola is married exclusively to Intel chips. It will work with other chip makers as well.

By working together they will accelerate the development of a market for 802.16e. 802.11e is about to die a quick death next month, but it will take a while for companies to move to the new standard for development.

There is a logic to this partnership – both companies already work with Nascar kings Sprint-Nextel on the WiMax technology development. Motorola expects to release an 802.16e WiMax phone early in 2007. Intel will have WiMax chips for laptops by 2007 or 2008.