LG and Sanyo Top List of Mobile Phone Customer Satisfaction Survey

LG and Sanyo Top List of Mobile Phone Customer Satisfaction Survey


Research conducted by J.D. Power and Associates called the “2005 U.S. Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study” shows that LG and Sanyo are leading the pack when it comes to satisfying customer expectations with mobile phones.

The study measured the satisfaction of consumers (17,701 households) who have owned their cell phone units for less than two years. The metrics used in the study were the following: physical design (24%); operation (22%); features (20%); handset durability (19%); and battery function (15%). LG and Sanyo topped the study with LG showing a clear lead when it comes to physical design and battery functionality. Sanyo on the other hand, received top marks in the fields of operation, durability and features.

The 2005 U.S. Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study also brings to light the following.

– The average reported handset purchase price in 2005 is US $89, down from US $99 in 2004.
– Consumers, on the average, replace their mobile phones every 18 months.
– Mobile phone features used the most are the speakerphone (22%), send/receive SMS (short messaging services) messages (19%), gaming (15%) and camera capabilities (14%).

J.D. Power and Associates notes that advances in cell phone offerings such as Web-based text messaging, e-mail access, video camera features, etc. are still considered when purchasing a device, however the operation and physical design of mobile phones has become more important over the years.