Intel Plans to Launch VT P4s on 13 November

Intel Plans to Launch VT P4s on 13 November


Intel is expected to release two Virtualisation Technology (VT) Pentium 4 processors on November 13th. The P4s, 662 and 672, equal the present 660 and 670 chips, and are clocked at 3.6GHz and 3.8GHz, respectively. The VT support is indicated by two points that have been added to each chip’s model number.

Intel is quite tight-lipped about the VT P4 release saying only that they will be 66-something and 67-something and will come out in the last half of 2005 (which is almost over!).

On other Intel news, it is said that the VT P4 launchings will soon be followed by the Celeron D 355, which is rumored to have a December 25th release. At about the same time, Intel is anticipated to start shipping ‘Yonah’, its 65nm, dual-core Pentium M processor. This is just in time for the introduction of notebooks based on it in the first quarter of 2006.

The VT P4s are yours for US $401 (P4 662) and US $605 (P4 672). The Celeron D 355 is expected to retail for US $127.