Casio Cassiopeia DT-5200 Huge in Japan

Casio Cassiopeia DT-5200 Huge in Japan


Casio has a new toy for us to play with and they are showing it off at the WPC Expo in Japan. The Cassiopeia DT-5200 is a cellphone, handheld and everything else except the kitchen sink (and that could probably fit, too).

The good news – it’s packed with features. It runs Windows CE, has a 3.7 inch VGA touchscreen, a laser scanner, Bluetooth, WiFi, it promises 20 hours of life on the batteries and it is sturdy enough to survive anything you can throw at it.

The bad news. It is big. Really, really big. Fit in your backpack, not your back pocket kind of big. That might be a bit much for a normal device, but if you really like your accessories, or if you want to make sure that everybody sees what you are using, then this may be just the thing for you. No news yet on availability or price here, but it is supposed to ship in Japan today.